Friday, 19 May 2017

Ko Rāhiri Te Tūpuna - SYNONYM MATCH
Match the words from the article on the left with their synonyms on the right.

First Page
  1. Formidable Fierce
  2. Ignored spell
  3. Rituals mysterious
  4. Tensions traditions
  5. Esoteric disregard
  6. Incantations pressure
Second Page
  1. Paramount fate
  2. Tranquil coallition
  3. Intertwined influenced
  4. Affected      peaceful
  5. Alliance superior
  6. Destinies twist around

PHRASE MATCH: Match the following phrases from the article
the whakatauki represents
or to lack understanding
Ka mimiti te puna i Taumārere,
a formidable Rangatira and warrior.
The eastern coast was called
an alliance of destinies of Ngāpuhi
We trace our ancestry back to Rāhiri,
and fed them the good fernroot.
Ahuaiti had ignored his wishes
ka toto te puna i Hokianga.
Tai Tama Tāne was less
and Taumārere in the east
Rāhiri knew that he would not be home
when her brothers arrived
Kuaare means to be ignorant
so he gathered his two sons
Rāhiri wanted to settle the matter
Tai Tama Wahine
Hokianga in the west
forgiving than the east coast

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