Thursday, 15 June 2017

javarn's speech 2017

Kia ora my name is Javarn and I am 9 years old and my speech is about “Why we should have excellent cars.”

Firstly: I like excellent cars because we can drive in style and  awesome cars have flash sound systems.

Secondly: excellent cars are fast and the motor sounds mean. They have flash chrome and mags that make them look expensive and deadly.
cool cars are low to the ground, they can do drifts and people like to look at them. Thirdly: skylines a the best cars to do drifts around the Race track my dad’s skyline is a R34 and my dad’s skyline is black and yellow.                     
Finally: people like to show there mean cars in style
And cool cars a fun to drive in style.


   thank you for listening to me Speech ka kite ano tamariki and the whanau.